s.o.t.w archive:

forty seven: wyd by remi wolf

forty six: mememe by 100gecs

forty five: charmander by amine

forty four: mo' liquor by kari faux

forty three: acapulco by jason derulo

forty two: messy love by nao

forty one: all my friends know by pinkpantheress

forty: young lover by st. vincent

thirty nine: lady macbeth in chains by sufjan steven and angelo de augustine

thirty eight: tales of dominica by lil nas x

thirty seven: fallen fruit by lorde

thirty six: stupid love (coucouc chloe remix) by lady gaga

thirty five: mood ring by lorde

thirty four: sensitive by serena isioma

thirty three: wandering star by portishead

thirty two: beating down yo block by monaleo

thirty one: thot shit by megan thee stallion

thirty: good in bed by dua lipa

twenty nine: royl by chloe x halle

twenty eight: corso by tyler the creator

twenty seven: make that cake by lunchmoney lewis & doja cat

twenty six: chivalry is not dead by haitus kaiyote

twenty five: take it by juicy j, rico nasty, & lord infamous

twenty four: bushel hyde by jessica pratt

twenty three: true blue by mark ronson & angel olsen

twenty two: anna wintour by azealia banks

twenty one: talkin’ like you (two tall mountains) by connie converse

twenty: jealousy, jealousy by olivia rodrigo

nineteen: fractions by nicki minaj

eighteen: barbie dreams by nicki minaj

seventeen: sexxx dreams by lady gaga

sixteen: fellowship by serpentwithfeet

fifteen: always half strange by angel olsen

fourteen: swine by lady gaga

thirteen: acrobat by angel olsen

twelve: montero (call me by your name) by lil nas x

eleven: june gloom by allie x

ten: a mistake by fiona apple

nine: disco tits by tove love

eight: pss pss by death grips

seven: I want you by fiona apple & elvis costello

six: pearl diver by mitski

five: in the waiting line by zero 7

four: left alone by fiona apple

three: midnight cowboy by surf curse

two:ignorance (acoustic) by paramore

one: proof by paramore

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this is the space I've made to express how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking. coherency is always up in the air!

unhinged women are sooo sexy

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