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twelve: acrobat - angel olsen

twelve: montero (call me by your name) - lil nas x

eleven: june gloom by allie x

ten: a mistake by fiona apple

nine: disco tits by tove love

eight: pss pss by death grips

seven: I want you - fiona apple & elvis costello

six: pearl diver - mitski

five: in the waiting line - zero 7

four: left alone - fiona apple

three: midnight cowboy - surf curse

two:ignorance (acoustic) - paramore

one: proof - paramore

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hello. . .welcome to my website. . .I hope you can find whatever you're looking for

this is the space I've made to express how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking. coherency is always up in the air!

unhinged women are sooo sexy

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Totally Fucked Up (1993)

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