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my favorite of way being completely immersed in a world besides my own is watching a film. it is my favorite medium for story-telling and most of my favorite pieces of artwork are films. I have a strange relationship with filmmaking, but I think, ultimately, I want to get back into writing screenplays and trying to make anything one day. 'one day' could mean six months from now, or the next few years. who knows? I don't. share your favorite movie with me in my guestbook, I'd love to know what kind of movies you treasure.

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my film favorites:
(from left to right)

go fish (1994)
dir. Rose Troche

midnight cowboy (1969)
dir. John Schlesinger

foxfire (1996)
dir. Annette Haywood-Carter

pastoral: to die in the country (1974)
dir. Shūji Terayama

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kiki's delivery service


my absolute favorite film, the inspiration for my url. this movie is about an insecure, repressed cowboy who moves to new york with intentions of becoming somewhat of a sex worker. amongst the fever dream of new york city, he meets the love of his life, instead. learn more here

one of the best films to come out of 90s mumblecore. welcome to low production dyke drama heaven, where lesbians act like they normally do: painfully pining after one another, buzzing their heads to signify moving on, and having cupboards full of tea. learn more *here*

have you ever wanted to see angelina jolie play yet another tough dyke? (see: gia) this movie is what you could categorize as 'so bad it's good.' legs comes to town and fucks shit up, bringing together a crew of badass girls. and she gives them all stick and pokes topless. learn more *here*

a single line that sums this film up for me: "you'll find things i've lost, i will never find the things you've lost." a young boy yearns for another life, and then the older version of himself comes to intervene, but then doesn't? mommy issues galore. learn more *here*

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my album favorites:
(from left to right)

retired from sad, new career in business (2013)

magdalene (2019)
FKA twigs

fetch the bolt cutters (2020)
Fiona Apple

double ep: a sea of split peas (2013)
Courtney Barnett


I have to admit that my favorite genre of music happens to be angsty woman being exceptionally angsty. my homepage has a button dedicated to my song of the week, but my song of the week sort of always happens to be from some angsty woman or another. my favorite artists happen to be mitski (long-time, all-time favorite), fiona apple (long LONG-time), courtney barnett (long-time), and fka twigs (recent, but firmly cemented.) I do also enjoy the stylings of lucy dacus, grimes, paramore, phoebe bridgers, st. vincent, and haley heynderickx, but, course, we're just talking about angsty women.

for when you're feeling like your whole life is sunken underwater, you can't swim up really, but it's alright, you're just content lazily swimming around in the warmth of barnett's dreamy voice

for when you're feeling like the lifetime of hurt you've had to endure has finally come to end, the pain you've felt isn't gone, but the ache is over, you're free, and no one can take it away

for when you're feeling like your heartbreak over someone runs deep into your fear that you're not strong enough, you're not loving enough, you're not enough at all (one day you will realize you are)

for when you're feeling your heart is raw and tender, your voice is cracking from the loud sobs, the absolute definition of aching, longing, and being so, so close, you've lost it
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and then this is where I almost freaked out because I was thinking, "oh god, oh fuck, what else do I like besides movies and music? and I really that boring? what else defines me? what am I doing? what do I even like? who am I?" then I smoked some weed and remembered that I do, against all odds, like other things